Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What does a technology infused classroom look like? Hmmm...

Thinking about infusing technology into my classroom is a concept I've had for a few years now and the idea has really intrigued me. One reason I decided to leave a school that I loved after 16 years, was to have the opportunity to really involve students in using the newest technology in which the county was investing.

In my own classroom, I envisioned my students bustling about independently, creating individual products, assisting one another, and collaborating to create assignments together. Students interact during large group assignments with the interactive white board as lessons really come to life and true learning occurs. Student are engaged! They investigate, ask questions, and seek answers. This room is exciting and the students never tire of learning.

The physical layout of the classroom includes a listening center over in one sunny corner of the room, several student computers with the latest product-creating software, a math table full of manipulatives and calculators, a writing center, complete with interesting colored paper and pencils for writing and editing, an organized and full reading library, and finally, student desks which are clustered into groups of four to five for easy group work and collaboration.

Having the room ready for learning is a first step. A major component of truly attaining my goal is to make certain to have planned accordingly. As Smaldino, Lowther, and Russell state, ". . . creating effective lessons that support learning through the appropriate use of technology and media is the systematic selection of your instructional strategies, the technology and media, and the lesson materials," (p. 96). In order to positively impact the 21st century learner one must conscientiously plan to implement technology and then strategically embed it into the course content so that its use is meaningful and the overarching educational goals are met.

This vision has not completely materialized yet but I am eagerly working towards the day in which it will.

This is a video I found interesting on YouTube which discusses 3 phases of effectively integrating technology.


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  1. Pam,
    This is a great blog! You have a wonderful vision of the future classroom, I can see the kids being very active and coming to school with their ideas to research or present.
    The class of the future will not be disappointed in your room and the energy being cycled around is contagious. Your video was interesting and one that I will put into my folder for future reference.
    You are absolutely on the right path, continue as you will never reach the end. The end is growing exponentially.
    Nancy Bedard